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At Gene Ho Photography, we offer you incredible service and photography. We love what we do and we're here to provide you with amazing images.

Gene Ho Photography is a name synonymous with style and beauty and our objective is to provide all of our clients with high-quality professional services.

Gene Ho Photographers are the best of the best. I like to call them, "The One Percent." Each year, I wade through more than 300 experienced photographers as potential applicants. Out of that, maybe two or three are invited to intern here. After a period of much coffee fetching and lunch runs, a percentage of them are invited to the staff as assistant photographers for intense training.

Before they actually get to shoot a real job, the new photographers spend about a year working as an assistant. By the time they finally make it as a featured photographer on this site, they have indeed become the best of the best. Please check out the bios of our photographers and be sure to check out their portfolios as well.

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